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The year I turned sixty I resigned from my job, found the cat a new home, packed a case and set out to see the world. Some would say they would have sold their front teeth to have had my life. I owned a comfortable house in South Africa, had a dream job and enjoyed a lavish social life. I travelled overseas at least twice a year and hadn’t done my own housework since 1984.  I would have to be nuts to give all that up, right? And yet, I knew I had to. I was hungry for adventure, with a side order of excitement and danger. What is the saying these day...YOLO!

Gillybean in China Fron Cover

Gillybean in China                                    ISBN978-0-9996930-4-9


What sane woman walks away from a life of luxury and takes to the road at the age of sixty? Intrepid senior adventurer Gillybean did just that. She set off to explore South America.


Except it didn’t quite work out that way. After accidentally booking a flight East instead of West, Gill found herself teaching English at a nursery school in Southern China.


Within a couple of weeks she had acquired a hot young flatmate, an international circle of friends and discovered the best sushi bar in town.


Deep fried cockroaches, dancing the cha-cha under the stars and backpacking up the Li River were the mildest of her experiences. Throw in some miscommunication and a few bizarre cultural customs and you have the recipe for an exciting, and often hilarious, journey to China.


Gillybean in China is the first book in a series about Gillybean’s adventures around the world.


In Progress...

The books below have not yet been published but are sneak peak as to what to look forward to!!

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